The First Steps in Starting a Construction Project

When planning to construct a new structure, it is critical to have a clear notion of when the project will begin and conclude. The flowchart below depicts the construction process from the beginning to the finish of a construction project.

There may be some differences because each project is unique and follows a different design and construction process. The main procedures involved in a construction project are discussed in general.


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In the construction of a building, there are three important phases in the planning process:

  • Creating a Construction Plan
  • Examining the Financial Situation
  • Choosing a Construction Group

Once the location for the building project has been determined, engineers and architects are brought in to establish the site and the building plan. After the building layout is completed, it is sometimes necessary to choose a suitable location. The building plan is created depending on the needs and budget of the owner. The finance and overall cost are estimated once the procedure is completed. The structural design specifications and material estimates are provided to aid in estimating project costs. The determined expenses are as follows:

  • The price of the materials
  • The expense of building
  • The cost of labour
  • Miscellaneous expenses

In the construction of a building, permits and insurance are required.

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Before beginning construction on a structure, the owner must ensure that all relevant licences have been obtained. In cities and states, permits and insurance can be obtained from various sources. Unpermitted construction activities lead to project delays, project destruction, or hefty fines. Insurance for the required parties might help the owner and contractor save money.

Preparing the Site

The actual construction procedure begins from here. Excavations, levelling, and filling can be done to prepare the site based on the site and construction design. Temporary storage facilities and the necessary holes for utilities, electricity, water, and sewage lines are ready. The majority of the work required to set up the utilities has been completed. Following that, government officials conduct an inspection. Continue reading: Site Preparation for Construction Projects – Steps Excavation and soil report Inspections on structural, building codes, utilities, HVAC, and electrical works, among other things, are carried out at various phases. A final inspection is carried out once the entire project has been completed.

Contractors are hired by the consultant to complete the building job.

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